Installment Terms

Tickets for the Atlas Weekend festival can be purchased by installments on the website on the “Tickets” tab, the “Install by installments” section.

Installments apply to all types of festival tickets, including night parties and night passes.

Installments are available only to citizens of Ukraine who are owners of PrivatBank and / or Monobank cards:

For PrivatBank cardholders - installment plan for tickets is implemented through the Privatbank partner programs, the “Payment by installments” service, details and conditions of the program here:;

For Monobank cardholders - installment plan for tickets is realized through Monobank affiliate programs, the “Parts purchase” service, program details and conditions here:

Any changes in interest rates for these programs, other changes in the terms of the program depend solely on Privatbank and Monobank, without notice and / or involvement of the Festival Organizer. Before purchasing tickets by installments, an individual must read the terms of the indicated services of Privatbank and Monobank at the above Internet links.